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What did I just watch xD
It was good... I think :D

Awesome dude! :D
Really cute and fluffy :P
Nice and smooth animation and fitting music.

Good job! =3

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Awesome, finally done! =D

Such an big world, wandering around and stumbling upon new things all the time =)

Felt a bit predetermined where you should go until you fond the double arrow, that allows you to walk both ways

An awesome game, have had me playing and exploring for several hours =D

Don't feel like it was a bad game like some of the characters said xD
Jag förstår danska rätt så bra =P


Good job, be proud of yourself :)

MNWS responds:

Haha, thanks for the review.

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This review might be a bit late xD

Really tense and awesome piece you've got there ^^
I can hardly get into alot of nitty gritty because there is too many things going on at the same time, for me at least.
So be aware of my none knowledge.
There were two things that stood out that I didn't really like.

1. I found that sometimes there were so many instruments at once playing so I couldn't hear them induvidually. I'm kinda picky in this area and I don't necessearily think this is something bad, but I prefer when I can hear each group/instrument clearly. And sometimes there were just too many things going on at the same time.

2. The drums were a bit lacking in variation. There was a certain pattern that kept being reused. And I would've liked a bit of variation in that field.

Wow, this sounds really harsh. Wasn't meant that way anyways. Just trying to help you understand what I think you could do better next time <3
Keep up the awesome work!

This is some really good music!

The bass that comes in around 30~ sounds a bit off when it first comes in, maybe a little fading in or somehting could've smoothened it out :)
Having a bit of double sided feelings for the lead loop, when it loops around it either sounds a little too sudden or just perfect don't really know what to say about it :P

I like the percussions but, the bass that goes in the background with the same "boom-boom-boom-boom" gets a little repetetive :)

I enjoyed this piece alot, I hope the critisicm will help you in with your future tracks :3

Keep up the good work! :D

Pixel-DJ responds:

I believe the loop sounds perfect ^ -^ Lawl, Thanks, it will help, allot

Hello, I'm a imperfectionist that likes: Gaming, programming, music, imagery and tons of other stuff ^^




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